Refunds are allowed up to 48 hours prior to class. If you register within 48 hours of class, there are no refunds allowed. Inclement weather does not constitute a refund if the class is still held.

Refunds are not allowed in any scenario after the class has been held and the registrant did not show.

Almost all communication is done via e-mail or text; please ensure you check your e-mail or cellphone for updates.

Classes may be rescheduled for a later date and you may transfer your seat to somebody else if you would like but you must provide us with 48 hours notice to a class.

Online classes cannot be refunded after you have purchased. It is similar to if you purchase a movie, then watch it, you cannot return it. If you provide a chargeback on an online account, we will fight it with the credit card company and file a police report. Choosing not to go into the insurance industry is not a reason for a refund.

By enrolling in our programs, you attest that the name listed on the account is the only one who will use our service and that you are making an accurate representation of yourself. Accounts and information may not be viewed by any person other than the name listed on the account. Online account access is for 70 days and will expire on the 70th day.

The price of the class does not include lodging costs and we are not responsible for any lodging or travel costs n any scenario.

We are a business based off of capacity in class; there may be times when classes are cancelled for various reasons (VERY RARELY), we will either refund your payment or reschedule you for another class.