My wife has a work laptop that has trouble connecting to the internet through our Time Warner router.  I decided to create some instructions on how to fix her internet; she has a Windows Vista laptop and all we needed to do was change her DNS servers over to Google.

How To Fix The Internet:

  1. Right Click on your Wifi Network...Click on Status.

  2. Click on Properties

  3. properties

  4. Scroll down in the box

  5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

  6. Click on Properties

  7. selectipv4

  8. Select "use the following DNS server addresses"

  9. In the first box type and make it look like

  10. In the second box type and make it look like

  11. Click Ok and then Ok then close and you're done

  12. It should look like:

  13. google-public-dns-servers