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Exam Prep: Life, Accident & Health

  • Become an Insurance Agent
  • Can sell Life, Accident, Health Insurance
    including Annuities
  • Easy to understand material, anybody can learn
  • Guaranteed passing of the state exam
  • If you are not an agent, this is the course you want

Exam Prep: Property & Casualty

  • Become an Insurance Agent
  • Can sell Home, Auto, Business, Bonding and Workers Compensation
  • Easy to understand material, anybody can learn
  • Guaranteed passing of the state exam
  • If you are not an insurance agent, this is the course you want

Continuing Education Credits

  • Only for already licensed agents
  • Continuing Education (CE) credits apply for all licenses
  • Reporting to the state the same day
  • Easy courses with new law updates
  • No super hard exams required
  • Fun learning atmosphere and courses

All Classes Include Guaranteed Passing & Same-Day Reporting!

Insurance is a state regulated product, meaning that every state has their own regulations in regards to licensing.  Select your state from the list below and you will be taken to a page explaining all of the requirements and how to obtain your insurance license.  We are currently only offering courses for Texas, but in the next few months we will be expanding nationwide.  This is an exciting time for us at TSI Training, Inc!




New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota

Classroom Courses - $199.95 - $249.95

The fastest and most comprehensive way to learn...You'll be an insurance expert in less than 48 hours and licensed within a week!

Online Courses - $69.95

Our state of the art online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and study as needed. All live classroom courses include online access as well.



Online Learning.

Our state of the art learning program provides in-depth detail into every aspect of insurance.  This learning platform works on all computers, phones and tablets.


Easy to Understand Information.

After you have learned the material, we have created cliff notes of every subject for you.


Real State Questions.

Our practice exams are so real, that when you walk on the state exam you will know all of the answers instantly.

Online Course FAQ 1:

  • When do I gain access to my material? +

    You will receive your login via e-mail immediately. You may then begin your journey into the insurance world.
  • Can I use my Tablet & Mobile Phone? +

    Yes. We even encourage it, that way you can study on the bus/train/plane or even a spaceship.
  • Will this work on Macs and PCs? +

    Yup. It will work on Mac, PC, Linux, Android, everything. The online programs are written to be accepted universally.
  • Which browser do I have to use? +

    All browsers work, but we recommend Google Chrome just because it's awesome.
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Online Course FAQ 2:

  • Is there a demo I can try before I buy? +

    There sure is. Just click here: Online Study Demo The demo only provides a glimpse into all of the awesomeness.
  • What content is on the online program? +

    Try the demo to see, but we have Videos, Audio, Notes, Study Program, Practice Tests, Flash Cards, Games and more.
  • How long do I have access to the site? +

    70 Days. Most people take their state exam within 20 days if doing online-only studying. We tripled the time to be fair!
  • Am I guaranteed to pass on the first try? +

    Yes. When you complete our course you will be guaranteed to pass the state exam within a week on your first try.
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Online Course FAQ 3:

  • Should I do Classroom or Online Only? +

    Classroom. We recommend classroom because you will be licensed within a week. Self Study takes about 3x as long.
  • How long does it take to Self Study? +

    21 days is average. Most online students finish studying around the 3 week mark and then pass the state exam.
  • How do I schedule my state exam? +

    You will learn in the online program. Different states have different rules, so once you purchase for your state you will find out.
  • Is it boring? +

    Nope. As long as you want to learn, it will be fun. We have spent a lot of time making things easy to understand for you.
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